Overdose Prevention: Channel 2 Action News with Mona Bennett in BLUFF

Now, admitted users and sellers are taking on a different role: life savers. Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne got exclusive video inside a drug house in the Bluff, southwest Atlanta’s most notorious heroin highway. In the video, a woman seated in a chair overdosed on heroin. A group of people stood around her, slapping […]

The Bluff: Channel 2 goes into Georgia’s biggest heroin market

The Bluff: Channel 2 goes into Georgia’s biggest heroin market  Link: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/the-bluff-heroin-market/ It’s an old story. But in this case, that is the story. The story focuses on one neighborhood, but affects virtually every community in metro Atlanta. For weeks, Channel 2 Action News has patrolled the streets of the area called The Bluff, about a half mile […]

First Overdose Reversal in Georgia

Trained last week, Holly Springs cop saved woman from overdose today By Taylor West The Atlanta Journal-Constitution In the nine months since her daughter’s death, Holly Springs Lieutenant Tanya Smith has done more than grieve. Smith was instrumental in the passage of legislation allowing drug overdose kits to be carried by non-medical personnel. Holly Springs […]