Mission: The Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, INC (AHRC) is a community based organization committed to improving the overall health and wellbeing of marginalized individuals and communities. AHRC provides education and risk reduction programs through partnerships, to empower adults in the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of: substance use, HIV/AIDS, STIs, viral Hepatitis, and other communicable diseases.

Vision: AHRC’s vision is to service individuals who require a higher level of care and follow through with linkage to substance abuse treatment, health services, and/or transitional facilities. AHRC strives to provide clients with the tools for making safer choices in life through evidence based interventions and prevention programs. Using a harm reduction approach, we can build relationships with individuals who are vulnerable to contracting or transmitting HIV/AIDS, STIs, Viral Hepatitis, and other blood borne pathogens.

History: In 1994, AHRC grew out of concern about the high rate of HIV transmission among Atlanta’s injection drug users (IDUs). AHRC was formally incorporated in 1995 with the goal of educating IDUs and non-users, community leaders, public health, safety, and elected officials, and other organizations about the effectiveness of harm reduction strategies to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS. One year later, AHRC secured permanent office space and obtained 501(c) (3) status from the federal government. To our knowledge, AHRC is the only organization in Atlanta that focuses specifically on promoting harm reduction strategies not only to affected populations, but also to the broader community. Building trusting relationships between AHRC outreach workers and active drug users is the foundation upon which behavioral changes are built. In the community where we deliver interventions, we have provided HIV prevention tools and information every single Monday and Wednesday afternoon since May of 1997 – rain and shine.