AHRC is a community-based wellness organization committed to promoting health and dignity by reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, STI, and Substance Use within vulnerable communities.

AHRC’s vision is to service individuals who require a higher level of care and follow through with linkage to substance use treatment, health services, and/or transitional facilities. AHRC strives to provide clients with the tools for making safer choices in life through evidence based interventions and prevention programs. Using a harm reduction approach, we can build relationships with individuals who are vulnerable to contracting or transmitting HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), viral Hepatitis, and other blood borne pathogens. 

Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, Inc.
1231 Joseph E. Boone Blvd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone Number: (404) 817-9994
Fax Number: (404) 817-9939
Email: ahrcemail@ahrc-atl.org