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National HIV Testing Day (June 2014)


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     We’re open! Come on in!                                           Preparing bleach kits for the Syringe Exchange Program


harm-4                                          photo-8

We’re all about harm reduction!                                                                            Syringe Exchange Outreach


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Our partner in overdose prevention                                              Overdose Prevention Training (Naloxone) at AHRC

(Georgia Overdose Prevention)


photo-6                                      906677_694162340671977_4165249193830518895_o

Advocacy is the way to go!                                                                   Veggies fresh from the AHRC garden!



We serve Thanksgiving Day lunch to our clients



10628836_523207311145670_3153724150027733265_o                                  644457_460187744068578_1108244453_n

A day of organizing at AHRC with                                                                          Alternative Breaks Program

Emory volunteers (September 2014)


photo-3                                                            1098401_600888966665982_1130764889_n

Servant Leader Program Intern, Laura                              AHRC volunteers busy preparing meals for our clients!

(Summer 2014)


photo 1

Volunteer/Intern training (January 2015)







2014 Harm Reduction Conference                                    Robert Childs, ED of North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition,

                                                                           (pictured right) is in the house!



10471261_510964655703269_8452035368122882979_nAfrican American Hepatitis C Action Day                               Let’s Stop HIV Together Campaign at Purple Door Salon

                         (July 2014)                                                                              with Dwight Eubanks (August 2014)


photo-7                                                       10659332_701919129896298_2285256053946682682_n


Festival of Lights (August 2014)                                    National Recovery Month Health Fair (September 2014)


photo-2                                                      photo-4

Day of Unity (October 2014)                                       Sex, Sexuality and the Black Church Symposium on National AIDS Day (December 2014)


photo-5                                                                    20150119_134821

National African American MSM Leadership                                       MLK Jr. Day Testing Event (January 2015)

Conference with Mr. St. Arromand (ED of

NASEM) ( January 2015)




                                    National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Testing

                                    Event at the Black Family Expo (February 2015)


Atlanta Area Outreach Initiative (Feb 2015)


                 Condom Bar at Abraham Lincoln’s Day of Remembrance (Feb 2015)

   International Condom’s Day/ Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th 2015)